Brand Strategy


How can brands adapt to their environment over time, without losing their identity? We explored how top performing brands have incorporated social and environmental dynamics in their print advertising design considerations, and made recommendations for how these principles would be best applied to our client.


What do visitors expect from an exhibition stand these days? And, more importantly, how can we delight them by exceeding those expectations? We develop, explore and justify three theses on impressive event experiences, and create an event concept that leverages our strategic approach.


The brief: create a space that broadens the definition of our client’s positioning, distanced from their core products while still attracting their target market. Our approach: by first examining social trends, recent innovations in retail and design and market dynamics, we developed a concept that not only expressed their brand identity, but responded to the deeply held desires of their target group.


Relationship marketing is not a new concept, but it is one that continues to grow in strategic importance. We developed a concept for a space that facilitates the growth and understanding of our client as a relationship brand, through an interactive spatial journey for customers to discover, understand, co-create and improve the brand itself.

Future Brands: 
It is all about meaningful relationships.

In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, we only allow the most meaningful brands to be part of our daily life. The personal relationships a brand has built with its customers are the only things competitors can never copy. We identity success factors and a process for change for a brand to become a relationship brand.

What does Digitalization

really mean?

How can brands, that have always expressed themselves through tangible products, seize the field of digitalization? We developed the underlying conditions, requirements and processes for the automobile industry to meet the challenges of the digital future.

A new meaning of Luxury.

Society's values and attitudes change over time. Luxury Brands need to continuously update their self-image and identity to remain relevant in the future social context. In consideration of current trends, we explore new directions for Luxury Brands and further develop these into potential brand concepts.

How to survive? 
Automotive Brands and the Future

of Human Machine Interfaces.

How will technological and social changes impact the future of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)? What will happen to the automotive brands in an increasingly virtual world? We evaluated different scenarios and offered new perspectives on future developments.

Beacon of New Mobility.

Do established automobile brands have to worry about new players in the automotive industry or not? By exploring the Tesla brand, we showed why established brands are still ahead, but they have to learn from the new players.

The Future of a Brand.

How does the most significant brand in motorcycle history deal with future developments? We questioned principles, took a critical look at the challenges as well as opportunities and showed implications of future developments for this unique brand.

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